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The Aery Group is recognized for the creation of innovative financial models that provide visual images of business environments. A related specialty is the ability to describe complex technology in such a way that it can be understood by readers who are not technically sophisticated.

Building on this foundation, the primary services provided by the Aery Group include: development of comprehensive business plans, product plans, and marketing plans; writing and presenting proposals for contract awards; and development of financial models to assist management decision making. Because of the manner in which the Aery Group immerses itself in its client's operations, the opportunity to offer ancillary services often becomes apparent. These ancillary services can include tasks such as: developing administrative manuals and procedures; performing general business and marketing activities, and particularly developing proposals and related activity with key prospects; and solving challenges in operations and marketing.

The Aery Group's overall mix of services is completely oriented to creating an integrated business approach for its clients by assisting them in developing and growing their business while raising them above their competitors. A sub-specialty that has emerged is assisting clients to take full advantage of the economical exposure that is possible by exploiting the internet, allowing them to develop a coordinated corporate identity that reflects the desired image of the company and its products in a favorable manner that attracts attention.

At the beginning of a project, the Aery Group prefers to immerse itself in its client's operations to fully understand all aspects of the business. This is not an “arms length” relationship — it is a total immersion in its client's daily activity at all levels. The purpose is to categorize the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, the facility, and the products, while also beginning to outline the needs for the future. Clients have often remarked at the conclusion of a project that the Aery Group understood their business better than they did themselves. It is our opinion that only in this manner can effective, winning, business plans and proposals be created, or administrative support be provided.

An issue often overlooked is the effect of the overall “investment” that entrepreneurs and managers have in an established business. They have worked diligently to create the business, investing long hours and often many dollars. This results in their complete immersion in its operations, including the total business strategy. However, this close association can, at times, cloud their perceptions about what is happening within the business and withinin its marketplace. An unbiased outside perspective is thus often invaluable for identifying problem areas, and developing optimum paths to the future.

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The Aery Group provides services to typical classes of clients such as:

  • entrepreneurs launching new business ventures;
  • businesses that are in the process of launching new products or business lines, and/or penetrating new markets;
  • businesses that are searching for innovative ways to grow;
  • businesses desiring to improve by reorganizing, or by increasing the overall performance and efficiency of specific operations or product lines; and
  • businesses searching to divest, acquire, or diversify.

The breadth of the assignments that Aery Group has undertaken illustrates how creative individuals that have a comprehensive understanding of business operations and administration, technology, finance, and the methodology of planning, can effectively apply themselves in a variety of disciplines. Aery Group has performed assignments in a variety of business and market areas, including:

  • Architectural Services,
  • Aviation Operations and Services,
  • Bank Operations,
  • Bicycle Business (Retail),
  • Bingo Parlor Business,
  • Computer Facilities Management,
  • Diesel Engine Overhaul Facility,
  • Energy-Efficient Construction System,
  • Floral Business (Wholesale),
  • Hurricane Shutters,
  • IC Chip Fabrication,
  • Landfills (Waste Disposal),
  • Large-Scale Computer Systems,
  • Law Enforcement,
  • Medical Systems,
  • Nightclub Business,
  • Nuclear Waste,
  • Precision Machining Business,
  • Real Estate Development,
  • Secure Communication Systems,
  • Severe Environment Greenhouses,
  • Specialty Clothing Manufacturing and Distribution, and
  • Tankless Water Heater Manufacturing and Distribution.

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